How About A Trip To Mars By 2025?!

February 2, 2016


Predicting the future has often been widely ridiculed because most of the things that we see in films or books about what year 2000 or 2015 was going to look like turned out to be way out of line, with some minor exceptions.

However, when SpaceX’s Elon Musk says he wants to start sending people to Mars by 2025, which is only 9 years away, we listen closely to what he has to say!

At a start-up festival in Hong Kong, Musk said he will announce plans for a spacecraft towards the end of the year with the aim to start colonizing the Red Planet by 2025.

“It’s really a fundamental decision we need to make as a civilization,” he said.

“What kind of future do we want? Do we want one where we are forever confined to one planet until some eventual extinction event however far into the future that might occur, or do we want to be a multi-planet species and ultimately be out there among the stars, among many planets and many star systems?” Musk asked.

“Mars is the next natural step. In fact, it’s the only planet we have a shot at establishing a self-sustaining city on.”

Musk also pointed out that “floating around” in space shouldn’t be that difficult as he plans a take a trip to space within the next 5 years despite having “minimal astronautical training”.

What would it take for YOU to go to Mars in less than a decade?!