Grow Muscle By Adding These Fats To Your Diet

February 13, 2015


As we all know by now, there are certain things one should avoid when trying to lose weight or build muscle mass. Eating less carbs or eliminating sugar from your coffee or tea are just some of the things we do to get to our desired milestones more quickly.

But there is one macronutrient that will surprise you. Although previously thought to be bad for us, some fats can actually help you achieve your desired weight by boosting your metabolism and making you feel full faster.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Let’s start off something most of us are familiar with. Egg yolk, for example, is packed with fat-soluble vitamins and choline, a nutrient that provides more health benefits than a vegetable salad and orange juice combined.

If cholesterol is something you’re worried about, let us tell you that moderate amounts of it can actually be beneficial for you.

Cholesterol is responsible for the production of testosterone, which helps you shed that fat while building your muscles and boosting your sex drive.

The ‘Not So Dark’ Side

Once you’re done with the egg yolks, it’s time for dessert. And what better treat you can have than some dark chocolate?

Even though most dieters avoid it, dark chocolate actually has many benefits for those who are trying to build muscles. The cocoa will protect your nerves from injury, improve satiety, and provide you with fiber, iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Furthermore, dark chocolate can also lower your blood pressure while improving your insulin sensitivity, which in turn helps prevents diabetes.