Grooming Yourself For Spring

March 24, 2015


The winter can be a rough time, not only because of the weather conditions, but also in terms of our skin and hair. Dry and cold weather can make one’s skin as huskily as sandpaper, and that’s not the way you want to look when the time for shirts and shorts comes.

That’s why today we’re going to share a few tips on how to properly groom yourself for the incoming days of warm weather, sundresses, and outdoor picnics.

Start With The Basics

It’s time to put away your winter coat and to pull out your spring clothes. Likewise, you should replace that heavy-smelling cologne you used during winter with something a bit more subtle and light.

Cold environment can mute our senses, and our sense of smell is no exception. That’s why we usually go for something that our impaired nose can pick up during winter.

But with warm weather around the corner, it’s time to set your winter scent aside and opt out for a 2-5% perfume oil scent that won’t be overwhelming.

Next up is skin care. The dry winter conditions make moisturizers mandatory, so make sure you have something to rehydrate and repair your skin.

Preparation Is Key

Now that you’ve reversed the effects of the harsh winter, it’s time to prepare for the days to come.

While the sun may not be as punishing in spring as it can be during the summer, there’s still reason for sunscreen. Get a sunscreen product with SPF15, and your skin will be grateful.

Finally, your hair is the final thing you need to take care of before the spring officially begins. A buzz cut is the optimal solution – it’s low-maintenance, it’s attractive, and it will enable you to soak up all those valuable sun rays.

But for those who don’t want their head to look like an egg, visit a hair stylist and cut your sides just a bit shorter than the top. With a hairdo like that, all you need is a little light hair wax, and you’re set for spring.