Google’s 5G Internet To Be Delivered By Drones

February 1, 2016


Drone technology is gaining attention of both professionals and laymen alike when it comes to technological advances that it can provide in the near future. Google is leading the pack by researching and developing drones to take the internet to the next level.

According to the Guardian, Google is working on a secretive project in New Mexico that is expected to deliver 5G internet via drones to remote regions where developing infrastructure for accessing the Internet in a traditional way is quite challenging.

The 5G technology could potentially bring wireless internet access to users that is up to 40 times faster than 4G!

This is what Google’s SkyBender team has been working on, using the Spaceport America, where Richard Foster used the terminals for his infamous Virgin Galactic project that aimed to create commercial spaceflights for space tourists.

Google’s goal is to deliver high-speed internet from the air using solar-powered drones, according to the Guardian, but the project is rather secretive and Google reps failed to comment.