Good Grooming: A Quick Guide to a Clean Shave

November 19, 2013


Good grooming is the key to looking like the best man you could be. Even the most handsome man in the world would look like a hobo without the right habits, and one of those important habits is proper shaving.


Begin with your shaving habits. Make shaving easier to start. To make the entire process easier, exfoliate twice a week. Using a pumice bar or loofah will make exfoliating easy. Another thing that would help is conditioner. Whenever you use conditioner on your hair, use it on your beard as well. It’ll make the bristles a lot softer and make for a much smoother shave. Disposable razors are a terrible decision. Get a good razor, one that you’d be ashamed to lose. Your face will thank you by looking good.

The Shave

Shave along the grain. Go slow and go smooth. The movies often show gruff and manly men shaving quickly. That is a bad idea and can lead to numerous cuts if you’re not careful. Make sure to rinse after each stroke to keep each shave clean. If you do end up cutting yourself, you can use toothpaste or wet tissue paper to stop up the bleeding. Once you’re done, give your face a quick rinse and prepare for the second shave.

The Shave Part Two

Apply your choice of oil, gem, or foam again. For this shave, you’ll do something a little different. Simply shave against the grain this time. This second shave will result in the smoothest skin you’ve ever had on your face.

Clean Up

After the second shave, rinse with cold water to close your pores and keep dirt out of them throughout the day. If desired, you can apply an aftershave balm. Avoid alcohol based balms, as they can dry out the skin. Wipe your razor against a towel to clean it thoroughly and extend its lifespan. Now you can walk around with skin softer than a baby’s bottom!