Goat Tales: A Tiger Befriends Its Food

January 15, 2016


He who lies with the tigers will get a new friend?

This unusual duo proves that friendships occur in the most peculiar circumstances, at the most unusual of times. Amur, a Siberian tiger living in a Moscow safari park, befriended Timur, a truly charming goat.

Timur was meant to be nothing more than a weekly live-meal for Amur, but then something truly weird happened.

The goat was sent into the tiger’s enclosure; however, the stubborn animal did not show any signs of fear. As Timur wasn’t taught to be afraid of tigers, he easily chased the Siberian beauty out of the big cat’s own sleeping place.

As the tiger was obviously puzzled by the reversal of roles, he decided not to confront the stubborn, agitated goat and left him to be the king of the castle. Timur has been sleeping in the tiger’s “bed” ever since while Amur was left to sleep on the “couch” – on the shelter’s roof.

Park workers report that there is no animosity between the two animals, and that the goat has taken to following the tiger around everywhere.