Getting Back Up After Being Shot Down

April 23, 2015


If we were to point out a thing that brings men the most physical pain, it would getting punched or kicked in the crotch. And the emotional equivalent of this would be getting rejected.

Being shot down by that cute girl you’ve been eyeing for the last 45 minutes can be devastating to a man in terms of his confidence, self-respect, and dating ambitions. However, it’s not the end of the world, and we’re here to give you a few tips on how to get back up after being shot down.

Turn To The Stuff You’re Good At

Once you hear that menacing ship horn wailing the word “No!” you’ll break at first. The best way to get out of that feeling is to go do something you know you’re good at.

Whether it’s hockey, darts, or beating “Super Mario” in a single run, it will remind you that you’re good at certain things, and it will shift your focus from her and her pretty, yet forbidden face.

When you get rejected, your confidence drops. And when your confidence drops, the quality of your flirting game decreases, which makes your confidence drop again. Before this spirals down into a bottomless pit, go hook up with the one girl you have 100% chances with – your ex.

Even if the two of you couldn’t agree on anything, that’s still not a good enough reason to skip on meaningless sex. Satisfying her will get your confidence back up, and you’ll be able to relieve yourself of stress.

Good And Bad

Now here is a thing that can trick you into feeling even worse after offering you a chance to rant-out. It’s a nice, little 21st century invention called social media – it might seem like a good idea to update your status and tell everyone how you’ve been feeling lately, but there are certain dangers in this.

You’ll come onto your home page in order to share your feelings, but then you’ll notice your friends and acquaintances and their adorable, perfect lives. This can drive you even further into the ground than when you started. Avoid social media and save yourself the trouble.

Instead of this, meet with some good friends or your parents. Hang out with the people you feel most comfortable with, and even do something nice for them – it will make you feel better about yourself.