Gadget Freak – Story Of The Roomba, The Sexiest Vacuum Ever

January 6, 2016


A history-changing vacuum? That might sound totally wacky back in the day, but something happened 14 years ago… something that changed the lives of ordinary human beings all around the world. If we were to tell you that the thing that happened was actually the invention of a very special vacuum, you would write it off as a joke. Well, don’t be too hasty, now.

In 2002, the world was totally oblivious to an invention that was preparing to hit the market.

The Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner was released just in time for the 2002 Christmas season, and it became an instant hit.

Domestic robots were bringing in some serious cash, thanks to the futuristic optimism that was highly flourishing during the 90’s and the early 00’s.

Everyone wanted a robot of their own, and they could finally get one! It didn’t talk, it wasn’t intelligently superior, nor did it bring the thunder if home intruders stumbled upon someone’s door, but it offered something almost magical: it could function without the assistance of a human.

This practical domestic robot cost about $200, and it was quickly called one of the best inventions of the new millennia. Let’s face it – who likes to vacuum? If you could get one of these hefty home bots, you could rid yourself of one of the most annoying chores ever. Now, that’s what we call a Christmas miracle!

In time, three distinct generations of Roomba Vacuums were released and sold in huge numbers. First there was the Roomba Red – a much cheaper line that had a 7-hour charge time and offered pretty basic operations. The second line was the Roomba Discovery line, which could get charged in only 3 hours and run for 2 hours straight, while it also had the ability of finding its own home base to recharge. The Roomba Scheduler was released in 2005, and it let people choose when the vacuum should begin and end its work.

It has been 14 glorious years of sucking up dirt and polishing our floors for this hefty home cleaning bot, and it looks like the reign won’t end anytime soon – at least if our pet cats have any say in the matter.