Gadget Freak: Android App That Can Detect Earthquakes

February 16, 2016


Researchers from the University of Berkeley have developed an Android app called MyShake that warns residents of potential earthquakes.

MyShake records the time and amplitude of earth shaking and reports back to the Berkeley seismology lab, including the location of the smartphone using the app.

The app sends all the information anonymously so the smartphone user’s personal data are not at risk in any way.

Future goal of the app is to be a part of a global earthquake detection network that can warn the users well in advance in case there is an earthquake approaching.

“MyShake can make earthquake early warning faster and more accurate in areas that have a traditional seismic network, and can provide life-saving early warning in countries that have no seismic network,” said Richard Allen, the UC Berkeley professor in charge of the MyShake project.

MyShake team says although the app is only available for Android phones, an iPhone version is in the works as well.