Everything Your Skin Needs Is In Your Home

July 22, 2016


Summer means warm weather and sunbathing, and sunbathing means a sexy tan. However, it can also lead to sunburn and skin surface damage, which is by no means sexy.

It’s not a bad idea to protect your skin during the summer, but before you spend a lot of cash on lotions and skin milks, read on to find out which household products you can use to take care of your skin.

Protection From Your Kitchen

It’s not just sunburn you have to worry about – exposing your skin to harsh weather can leave it pretty banged up, while there are also the problems of acne, greasy and dry skin.

Believe it or not, your kitchen is actually supplied with everything you’ll need to get rid of these.

First off, we’ve got egg yolks. Yolks are actually pretty great when it comes to removing acne, as they’re packed with vitamin A. These zit-killers can replace most of your acne-removal creams.

Next up is milk. Warm it up and spread it over your dry and cracked skin, and you’ll end up with a soft and smooth overcoat one can only dream of. This is because milk is rich in fat, which serves as a natural moisturizer.

Finally, we have avocados. Avocado oil is very similar to the oils found in human skin, which basically means they are among the best natural moisturizers you can find. You can use it as a face mask or a body lotion, because it can help with literally any kind of skin dryness.