Escaped Monkey Eats Woman’s Post And Damages Police Car

September 30, 2015


Sometimes, everyone just wants to monkey around. Especially one monkey in particular, that goes by the name Zeek. Orlando’s police officers had a morning to remember on Monday, when they received a truly unusual call.

A concerned resident contacted the police department when she spotted a monkey making trouble in her suburban neighborhood.

The sight of a macaque monkey in your street is weird on its own, but seeing the monkey eat your mail is something that doesn’t happen a lot.

Zeek, who belongs to a private owner, escaped his residence and went for a stroll down the neighborhood.

He then decided to sit and rest of the woman’s post box, but he got a bit peckish, so he began chewing on the woman’s letters.

The police, already spaced-out by the call, were prepared for anything. When the po-po arrived, Zeek’s distaste for uniforms really showed as he jumped on top of the police car. The monkey managed to avoid getting caught for 20 minutes or so, but he finally calmed down when his owner came.

Luckily, everything ended well without any injuries – at least when it comes to humans and monkeys. The woman’s post, on the other hand, suffered a slightly different fate.