Ebola’s Spree In Liberia Has Ended

May 12, 2015


As the most recent disease that caused quite the panic in world, Ebola earned its reputation for a good reason. But now Liberia, which was the infested center of the disease’s spreading, has now been declared Ebola-free, which means this fatal haemorrhagic fever is about to die off.

A Small Relief

Even though most of us just heard of a few people carrying Ebola here and there, Liberia has been infested with this disease for 14 nightmarish months.

However, not a single person there has been diagnosed with Ebola in the last 42 days. For this reason, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that Liberia is Ebola-free.

And while Liberia has more than enough reason to take a breath, things aren’t looking as good for Sierra Leone and Guinea. These countries are still riddled with the disease.

Ebola managed to take roughly 5,000 lives since March 2014, which is the highest casualty number out of all countries which are suffering a similar fate.

What To Expect?

WHO declared Liberia as Ebola-free, but the risk of this disease coming back for some more is still there. The last person who was diagnosed with Ebola got through sex, because the disease is able to survive longer in semen.

That’s why WHO advised the survivors in Liberia to avoid having unprotected sex for at least half a year.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia said for the New York Times: “I don’t want to call Ebola an opportunity, but we’re using the experience of Ebola to try to rebuild our health systems.”

Perhaps Ebola’s killing spree wouldn’t have lasted this long if Liberia had a better health system, but the fact that the nightmare is finally over is the most important thing in this story. All that remains now is to rid the rest of Liberia’s neighboring countries of the same problem.