Diet Or Exercise – Which Is A More Effective Way To Lose Weight?

May 2, 2017

weight loss

It’s not that only women LOVE to eat delicious food.

We men are just the same in that department, and some of us are not exactly crazy about exercising.

It’s just the way we’re wired.

So, if you are trying to shed some pounds before summer knocks on the door, but you are not sure if you should start working out or change your diet plan, by all means – do read on.

In fact, we have some good news for all of you who are not huge fans of kicking the gym.

According to many nutritionists, it seems that balancing your diet and refraining from eating processed foods, junk meals and unnecessary sugars is much more important for weight loss than working out.

Diet Over Exercise?

Philip Stanforth, a professor of exercise science at the University of Texas, reportedly claims that one’s diet plan is far more significant than their workout plan and the number of workout sessions one has on a weekly basis.

“Studies tend to show that in terms of weight loss, diet plays a much bigger role than exercise,” says Stanforth.

“You’d have to walk 35 miles to burn 3,500 calories. That’s a lot of walking. But if you look at eating, a Snickers bar might have, say, 500 calories. It’s going to be a lot easier to cut the Snickers bar than to do five miles of walking every day.”

However, before you go celebrate and cancel your gym card, you must know that any kind of exercise is still crucial for your weight loss plan and your overall health.

One Should Not Go Without The Other Though

The best weigh loss plan is definitely the combination of eating healthy/balanced meals daily AND having regular physical activity of some sort.

As reports – “if you really have to choose and make one thing a priority – your diet should probably come first.”

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