Determine Which Breakfast Your Body Needs

August 28, 2014


Kick-starting your morning with a healthy breakfast is imperative — it is, after all, the most important meal of the day. Does breakfast in less than 10 minutes sound familiar? It’s far too easy to grab something on your way to work.

We’re guessing this will usually be a bagel, croissant or other pastry. But eating a healthy breakfast is essential for maintaining energy and attention levels, as well as for helping you avoid snacking.

You don’t need to totally revitalize your eating habits, but there are variations you should focus on, depending on diet, fitness regime and your ultimate goals.

The Muscle-Builder’s Breakfast

You can always go the protein shake route. The question is: Should you? They’re unpleasant and, unless you’re a complete muscle nut, no fun.

You want to be enjoying your breakfast as well as building those biceps. Picking the right breakfast will not only help with muscle-building but will also fill you with energy for the day ahead — a perfect pick-me-up.

You’re looking to kick-start your metabolism and get your body into an anabolic state by going for high protein, along with some complex carbs and healthy fats. An egg-white omelet with shredded chicken is a winner. Add some finely sliced chili to get the blood flowing and then serve with some avocado diced on top for a healthy fat.

The Marathon Breakfast


It’s very likely that if you’re running a marathon, nerves will get the better of you first thing in the morning and you won’t feel like eating.

You’re going to need a boatload of foods that release energy slowly to keep you going across those 26.2 miles, but you also need to supply your brain with energy for mental stamina, another key factor in race success.

Oatmeal is ideal: Eat porridge with a banana and a little honey for some added sweetness. You won’t be too full, and your body will have an easy time breaking down the foods to leave you ready to lead the charge.

The Recovery Breakfast

The aftermath: You’ve run your marathon, completed your Ironman, climbed your mountain, and now are wondering how you get your body back on track.

Well, you’ll need carbs to refuel your muscles, protein to help repair damaged muscles and potassium-heavy foods to replenish lost electrolytes. A healthy breakfast like kedgeree, which is made with rice and smoked fish, is a perfect choice.

It’s high in protein and carbohydrates, and is easily digestible. Dried fruits are often paired with curry flavors and are high in potassium, so add raisins and dried apricots to the mix. And remember that keeping your fluid level up is vital — so keep on drinking.