David Letterman On Trump’s Lies, Weak Democrats, And More…

March 7, 2017

David Letterman, perhaps the best TV host ever in our humble opinion, left the TV business about 2 years ago, but he certainly didn’t vanish into thin air.

Nor did his political views.

The former Late Show host has been pretty vocal about his opinion on President Donald Trump and recently he opened up about him in a rather interesting interview for Vulture magazine.

He Can Lie About Anything, I Don’t Get That

During the interview, Letterman painted us quite a vivid picture of Trump in which he compared the President of the US to the head of a family named “Larry.”

Here’s what he said:

“If Larry behaved the way Donald behaves, for even a six-week period, the family would get together and say, ‘Jesus, somebody better call the doctor.’ Then they’d ask him to step down. But Trump’s the president and he can lie about anything from the time he wakes up to what he has for lunch and he’s still the president.”

“I don’t get that,” he concluded.

Democrats, Get A Little Backbone, Get A Little Spine!

Letterman (69) went on to talk about why democrats need to stop wasting their energy on talking about Trump, and why they should concentrate on doing something about it.

Here’s what he said:

“We don’t need more confirmation that there’s something wrong with Donald Trump. Let’s instead find ways to rebuild what is rational. And the Democrats, goddamn it, get a little backbone, get a little spine.”

Ever since he stepped down from CBS’ “Late Show,” Letterman has been rather vocal about his opinion on the current political landscape in USA, using almost every opportunity he has to raise awareness about Trump.

Last October he talked to the New York Times and said Trump needed to “see a psychiatrist,” while a few months earlier he also described him as “repugnant to people.”

What will he say next? Stay tuned.