Console Graphics Vs. PC… Or Simply Incomparable?

March 24, 2014


The console vs. pc debate

Gamers and tech gurus alike continue to debate which is better: console or pc graphics. Avid gamers will argue that the graphic quality of console cannot be beat, due to its true-to-life color and dimension. But PC gamers are growing in numbers, and as of 2009, PC game revenue had increased dramatically while console gamer revenue had decreased. So, what gives?

Recent trends

In 2010, we saw a shift toward PC game sales ruling the day over console games. It seems people would prefer an all-in-one solution where they can work and play at the same station. Yet, console game accessories and units are still selling well in the market with no signs of slowing down. Right now, it seems there is a close race going on.

The graphic quality

If you look at the graphic quality of a typical PC game vs. the graphics on a console, it is sometimes difficult to see the difference. But, with the HD quality most modern HDTV’s put out, most people would still prefer the stunning full screen graphics of their TV’s over the smaller PC screen display. At the same time, PC graphics cards and screens have improved too. With the improved graphic capabilities of most modern PC’s, it would be hard to declare a winner in overall graphics quality.

The need for speed

Gaming screams for increased speed. Even true console gamers must admit that the PC delivers a faster game. This is, of course, only if you have a fast computer and network to begin with. But, all things being equal, most would prefer the speed of the PC over the console platform most of the time. So PC has the console beat on that issue.

Which console rocks?

When you look at specific gaming platforms with the console variety and try to pick a winner, PS3 usually comes in at first place. Running at approximately 550 MHz, it still gets caught in the dust of the PC, which averages 3-4 GHz of speed for the average computer.

Does the new technology favor the PC?

One of the strongest points for the PC platform right now is the fact that, as developers create the games more and more graphically enhanced with 3D capabilities and HD visuals, it is going to be increasingly important to run at lightning speeds, a feat only the PC can deliver. The new technologies seem to point to favoring the PC and developers prefer sticking to this platform, since it tends to deliver the speed they intended when they built the programs.

In a nutshell

In the final analysis, there is no declared winner yet, but the PC wins in speed most of the time, especially due to the need for the new games that need a smoother and faster running platform. The more a game does, the more it demands this speed, and enhanced graphic capabilities like 3D and HD make this even more the rule. When all is said and done though, while both platforms have their selling points, both are alive and well and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for either. Even with the talk of the PC being on the way out due to mobile technology, it is clear the PC and the console graphic platform will be around for a long time.

How to choose

If you are wondering which platform you should choose, simply think about which is ultimately most important to you, graphics or speed, and choose based on that. Either way, gaming is here to stay and the sales of both platforms speak volumes.