Breakfast Gone Bad

December 2, 2014


You know how we were always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it still is, but some traditional breakfast foods are not as healthy as they seem.

A poorly prepared breakfast can make you lose energy instead of supplying you with more, or it can make you have a mid-afternoon crash all of a sudden.

If you want to know what foods fit this description, read on and find out what to avoid eating in the future.

Coffee As The Enemy

Yes, we know coffee can give you that kickstart you need in the morning, but after its effects wear off, you’re most likely to find yourself fatigued and without any energy.

Don’t get us wrong, the coffee isn’t the real problem here. The invisible byproduct of coffee that can be responsible for your crash and burn is actually mold.

One study showed that over ninety percent of green coffee beans have mold in them before they are processed. Another study revealed that almost half of brewed coffees are moldy.

Dairy And Fruit

Another food ruined by processing is dairy products. Pasteurization reduces the small risk of milk contamination, but it also kills off some beneficial probiotics and proteins in it.

So instead of giving us a source of nutrition, pasteurized milk is actually a source of many health problems. So if you’d like to stay healthy, avoid it.

Having fruit in the morning is like stabbing yourself in the leg before running a marathon. Because your blood pressure needs to rise, your body needs more sodium than potassium in the morning.

And by eating fruit packed with potassium, you actually make blood pressure go down, making you sleepy and tired.