Best Foods To Eat After A Good Workout – Whey & Sweet Potatoes

August 26, 2016


Last time we’ve talked about how important a proper meal is after your workout session. Today, we are continuing with the right foods to eat so your figure will stay or become fit. We’ve covered eggs, now we’re moving on to whey and sweet potatoes.

The Fat-Torching, Muscle-Rebuilding Whey

When you finish your tense gym session, your muscles are momentarily in the need for healthy nutrients that will recover them fast. This is where whey comes in.

1 scoop of whey in powder form holds almost as much protein as one regular chicken meat meal. And that is not all.

Taken after a hard training session, whey is much more easily absorbed by your muscles.

Your muscles mass takes in all glucose and turns it into the desirable and needed energy.

Also, whey powder can burn your body fat like there’s no tomorrow. Awesome stuff.

Sweet, Sweet Potatoes

Need a good nutrient-rich source of carbohydrates? Look no further. Sweet potatoes are just the thing for you.

These delicious roots are just packed with vitamin A and carbohydrates, essential for restoring your glycogen supply. Also, they are made of precious, healthy fiber, which will keep you full for quite a while.