Best Foods To Eat After A Good Workout – Eggs

August 25, 2016


If you think that a nice workout is all you need to achieve your desirable figure, you are only half-right. After hitting the gym you also need a nice meal on your plate. Let’s see which foods are highly recommendable for eating after training.

The Gold Standard

Eggs are a must as they are great protein source, while they also have branched-chain amino acids for faster recovery. They truly are the gold standard, and not just because of their color.

Since they contain all nine essential amino acids, they are great for reducing muscle damage after your tense training, and they are among the most nutritional foods available out there. Plus they are quite cheap.

If you are planning on throwing away the yolk, think twice. This yellow mass contains at least half the protein, alongside the bulk of the egg’s vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

The best way to eat these protein bombs is to toast or cook them, but you can also eat them raw. Although there’s no real evidence that raw eggs are better for your muscles that cooked, you can always pretend you are Rocky Balboa and drink them right from the shell. That’s when they deliver quite a punch.