Best Foods To Eat After A Good Workout – Avocado & Cherry Juice

August 28, 2016


We’ve already talked about how important a proper meal is after your workout session. Today, we are continuing with the right foods to eat so your figure will stay or become fit. We’ve covered eggs, whey and sweet potatoes thus far, and now we’re moving on to fruit. Avocado and cherry juice, in particular.


Sports nutritionist Cynthia Sass suggests that “an ideal recovery meal should heal muscles and joints,” and the best way to do it is to eat avocado.

This juicy fruit is not only delicious, it is also extremely healthy. Besides all the healthy fats important for absorbing vitamins A and E, avocado is also packed with all varieties of vitamin B.

Vitamin B is crucial for metabolizing all those healthy carbohydrates and proteins your body stores for rainy days.

And that is not all. Studies have shown that this green juicy fruit can even reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Guacamole just became your favorite food.

Cherry Juice

Healthy and natural cherry juice is a great and delicious way to insert those much needed antioxidants into your body. Yup, fighting off that muscle damage has never been tastier.

British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that if you drink a minimum of 24 ounces of tart cherry juice every day (the equivalent of about 120 whole cherries), you will experience less muscle pain after the “heavy lifting”.

Just make sure you avoid the ones made from concentrate. Fresh juices are the way to go as they are likely to preserve the beneficial anthocyanins and flavonoids, nutrients naturally found in cherries.