Be Careful! Instagram Now Sends Alerts When You Take Screenshots

November 29, 2016


If you are a true Instagrammer and you like to fool around with screenshots, you might want to read on.

We all know how much Instagram wants to be like Snapchat these days, and they are not hiding it either.

Instagram app introduced a live video feature recently, but they also threw in another Snapchat-like aspect into the mix.

The app now has a feature that lets you send disappearing private photos and videos. So, what does this really mean?

It means that with this new option came with a particularly alarming update – Instagram now sends notifications whenever you take a screenshot.

But There’s A Catch, There’s Always A Catch

It turns out it is only for a certain kind of screenshots.

You will notice a notification appearing within the Instagram app (on the bubbles at the top of the inbox, as well as in your phone’s notification center) and it basically means the screenshots are only limited to the disappearing photos and videos, not to anywhere else in the app.

As the folks over The Verge noticed:

“The photography platform will indeed alert users when someone has taken a screenshot but only when the photo or video is part of a temporary direct message sent through Instagram Direct. So if you’re deep into someone’s grid and screenshot a photo of them taking a shot of turkey fat, they won’t know.”

“If, however, you screenshot a temporary photo your friend sent you directly, then yes, they will know.”

Tricky business, Instagram… Tricky business.