Bale Unhappy With Rafa’s Real Exit

January 5, 2016


If you’re unhappy with a situation you should do something about it, people say.

But what if you can’t and the situation is not anything remotely personal but, in fact, regarding everyone’s favorite pastime sport?

After Rafael Benitez’ exit from Real Madrid, a lot of people had a lot of things to say. Surprisingly, one of them was Gareth Bale, one of Real’s biggest current soccer stars.

According to many sources, Bale is absolutely “unhappy and devastated” with the fact that Benitez was fired from the popular club, and he’s seeking reassurances about where he fits into the new plan. Zinedine Zidane, famed French soccer player turned football manager, has allegedly already been scored as Rafa’s replacement.

Benitez was seen as a man who would bring resolution to many problems that occurred within the famed soccer club, however, he was not very liked among the people in charge at the helm of Madrid. A lot of fans are blaming Florentino Perez for everything wrong that has been happening in Real Madrid, especially for Rafa’s sacking. It is said that he’s running Real like business, not like a club, and that his actions have tremendous consequences on the whole staff and the players.