Badass Cocktails: A Choice For The Manliest Cocktail Lovers Part 1

September 3, 2015


Who said you can’t drink a cocktail and look really manly and mean?

No one really cares about “gender rules and specifics,” as the majority of the world tries to leave that behind us.

We’re all humans, liking and hating similar things, and drinks are definitely one of those things!

However, if you consider yourself a true cocktail lover who wants to find out new ways to implement your masculinity in a drink, we advise you check out these badass cocktails.

But also don’t forget to tell those people, who think you can’t drink a cocktail just because you’re a manly man, off.

Whiskey Smash

Nothing says “manly drink” like whiskey, even if the drink resembles a mojito. And let’s pay attention to the fact that it has a really sturdy word like “smash” in it. No one will ever make fun of anyone who orders something called “Whiskey Smash.”


If you’re a man who likes to reminisce about past times, and often thinks that this era is just not suited for your views (or you’re just a hipster), a cocktail called “Old-Fashioned” just might be what the doctor ordered. But don’t let its pretty look confuse you – two of these and you’ll be leaving your horse at the tavern and taking the taxi hay ride home.

Tom Collins

Hey, it’s not cheesy if it works for you! Perfect for long, hot, summer days when you just want to relax and have a bit of fun, the Tom Collins will deliver exactly what you ordered. The battle of the booze and the fruit in this drink keeps on going for, what it seems like, forever which only makes things more fun for your mouth.


This cocktail very well may be one of the very few good things that ever came out of WWI. The Sidecar was invented in Paris, and it has been entertaining taste buds of men and women alike for a hundred years. The odds are it probably will stick around for a hundred more (because eit’s delicious, let’s face it), so you might as well drink it.