Affair Not Necessarily A Bad Thing? Here’s Why Your Woman Cheats!

September 25, 2016


Reasons behind affairs are numerous, and differ substantially between men and women.

We’d like to explore some of the reasons why women cheat to give you a better understanding of your partner’s needs and desires.

Over time, reasons why women cheat have changed drastically.

Women used to cheat because they stopped loving their husbands, but now more and more women have affairs because they are looking for new sexual experiences, in most cases while still being in love with their husbands.

Women feel a degree of guilt while having extra marital affairs, but they try to downplay it by telling themselves they are good wives and mothers, and the affair is just something that makes them happy and makes them feel alive.

At the same time, having an affair might not necessarily be bad for the marriage. It can often improve the relationship between the woman and her partner given the fact that after an affair most women often feel more confident and happier, which is why they treat their partners better.