5 Things You Must Know About Being In Your 30s

September 25, 2017


Entering your 30s is a big deal. Some see it as a huge step toward being truly old and fear it immensely, others perceive it as a decade during which boys become men once and for all.

Whatever group you belong to, there are certain things about entering your fourth decade that you must learn as soon as possible, and use them to your advantage.

Buckle up! Oh, you already have… See? That’s experience.

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1. Your Career Stops Being So Important

When you reach your 30s you start gradually accepting the fact that you’re probably not going to become all those things you hoped you’d be one day.

A rock-star, a professional football player, new Bill Gates… Nope.

Instead, you realize it is best to just focus on whatever you’ve ended up doing and try to do it really well. If you’ve also found a nice hobby to go along with your day job, that means you are actually more successful than most people in their 30s.

Keep up the good work and enjoy.

2. Your Body Slows Down

Once you reach your 30s you realize that losing weight becomes much harder. Your metabolism slows down and your body requires more gym work to burn calories.

This is the time when you actually start watching what you eat and count the calories.

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3. Hangovers Become Pretty Nasty

Oh, yeah! This is one of the worst things, by far. It is as if your hangovers evolved and turned into these horrible beasts that stick around for up to 36 hours. Once you’re in your late 20s and especially when you reach your 30s, the aftermath of those fun night outs which include heavy drinking sessions can be so nasty that you might actually consider ditching alcohol altogether.

After your 30th mark, Sundays will never be the same.

4. You Stop Hanging Out With Most Of Your Friends

It doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how popular you were during your twenties, you’re your friends start turning 30 or 31, two things start to happen:

  • Some of your friends lose their social agility and enthusiasm and stop going out, preferring to stay in and watch TV. (Booooooring).
  • A whole bunch of people you know start having biological panic and marry the first person they have at least one thing in common with.

Luckily, most of those who marry for the wrong reasons will soon be divorced, so you can expect their call sometime in the near future.

5. (Despite All This) You Actually Become Happier

The most awesome thing about reaching your 30s is that you become more open to understand and embrace nihilism.

Most people simply stop worrying about 90% of the things that used to trouble them on a daily basis while they were in their early 20s. You realize that all the bad things that can happen to you might and will probably find you very soon, and that is fine.

Financial issues, illness, family problems, love difficulties, death… These are all inevitable and there’s nothing much one can do stop or prevent them.

This shift in perspective is necessary and you should embrace it with both hands, for only then will you be able to be truly happy.

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