3 Free Fitness Apps For Summer 2017

June 5, 2017

Fitness apps

Fitness apps free of charge have become one of the most popular ways to lose weight and trim your body for the summer.

We are all trying to better our workout plan and bring our fitness to a higher level, and what better way to do just that than with these free fitness apps that will act like perfect fitness assistants for your workout routine.

Buckle up and app up!

1. Charity Miles

Available for: Android, iOS

Charity Miles is truly a win-win type of app as you can actually earn money and donate for charities WHILE keeping your body in shape.

Amazing indeed, but how does it work?

As My Diet magazine reports: “Every time you run, walk, or bicycle by using the free Charity Miles app – you will donate money to those who need it the most. Simply browse this app’s list of charities, find the one (or more) that you want to support, and hit the road!”

Get fit in no time and become a true altruist while doing it. Plus, it is good to know that altruism is actually proven to be rather desirable treat when it comes to single women.

2. Skimble’s Workout Trainer

Available for: Android, iOS

This handy fitness app will provide you access to thousands of free workouts, alongside useful timed step-by-step audio and video instructions that will really help you lose weight and sculpt that body of yours.  

Workout Trainer has built-in workouts, while it also gives its users an opportunity to sneak peek into the app’s complete library so they can build their own awesome custom workout plans. You can also share your routines with other users, AND try out routines posted by other Workout Trainer members.

3. Noom Coach

Available for: Android, iOS

Noom Coach is more than just a regular fitness app. This amazingly useful tool has programs created by real doctors to help its users manage conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

It will help you find optimal new healthy habits for your body in particular, while giving you a fitness plan to follow each day and assist you with the notoriously annoying calorie-count.