10 Best Movie/TV Bosses

October 26, 2013

10. Montgomery Burns


The Simpsons: Montgomery Burns runs a nuclear power plant, which has only had a handful of almost meltdowns, whereas other power plants have gone right ahead and melted down.

You can’t beat a guy who trusts Homer Simpson as his Nuclear Safety Inspector!

9. Tom Kane


Boss: Being Mayor of New York is a stressful job, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that the City gets what it deserves. The good news is that if you end up being bad for the City, what he does will be so inhumane that you will at least be surprised as what he does.

8. Darth Vader


Star Wars: Space travel! No one else on this list offers that kind of advantage. Just don’t be first through the doorway. There’s a high risk of getting shot in the face by his daughter if you go first.

7. Gregory House


House MD: He is a legendary diagnostician whose best friend was taught by Robin Williams. If you’ve got a stiff moral code, you should work for him right away. House will make sure that it’s stretched thin in no time.

6. Don Draper


Mad Men: Handsome, and since he works in the sixties, you’ll probably have also experimented with some form of time travel. As a plus, if you’re a man he’ll share his booze with you. If you’re a woman, he’ll probably sleep with you. Wins for everyone!

5. Jack Bauer


24: You get to save the world once a day every year if you work under him. Just be sure to have your affairs in order.If he likes you, you may as well pick out your coffin. The good news is that it is always exciting! It’s also fun to watch him yell.

4. Denny Crane


Boston Legal: When your boss once piloted a starship and is best friends with Daniel Jackson from Stargate, you’ll always be inspired.Denny also shoots poor people with paint-guns, so you’ll always have some work to do as a lawyer.

3.Bill Lumbergh


Office Space: This guy will help you focus your life like nothing and no one else could. With Bill as your boss, you will have no stapler, no vacation time, no view, and no joy.

All you’ll have is your work. Since you have no distractions like a life outside the office or happiness, your productivity will presumably skyrocket.

2. Michael Scott


The Office: There is no boss like Michael Scott. Work won’t even seem like work with him around, because he is the best boss in the history of management. No one fosters office unity like Michael Scott.

With him it’s all conference room meetings, murder mystery games, and invasive questioning. An office is simply different with him around.

1. Walter White/Heisenberg


Breaking Bad: This high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with lung cancer and given only two years to live.In order to provide his family’s future, he teams up with an ex-student to cook and sell the world’s purest crystal meth.

Realizing he has nothing but his family left to live for, Walter’s new sense of purpose turns him into a man of action and a drug lord.