Valentine’s Day Done Right

February 11, 2015


February 14 is closing in on us like a heat-seeking missile. When we say heat, we mean love and passion, as Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to spend some quality time with your lady. That’s why we’re here to deliver some pro tips on how to make this holiday an awesome experience for both you and your partner.

Do It Yourself

The most common mistake men make when it comes to spending Valentine’s Day with their girl is thinking that the date has to happen in a fancy place.

But the truth is chicks dig home-cooked dinners and romantic gestures more than dinning at an expensive restaurant.

Another part of the DIY strategy for V-Day is to do as much as possible before leaving the flat.

If you’ve planned on going out and you have to respect that plan for whatever reason, make sure you put romance and sex at the top of your list for the evening.

This is because many intimate moments can potentially be ruined by being drunk or stuffed from the food. To avoid this, let the love happen first – then you’ll have nothing else to ruin.

Speak From The Heart

If there is one thing women don’t like, it’s being lied to. If you can’t think of or are unable to plan a romantic evening both of your will remember for the rest of your life, come clean about it.

This also works for gifting. Picking out a gift for your girl is hard enough, but when it comes to writing something on the Valentine’s Day card, some of us are simply not poetic enough.

In that case, leave the card blank. Most of these come with pre-written text, and if the girl is right, she’ll appreciate the gesture of the gift more than the stuff people copy from someone else and write on their holiday card.