Toyota To Revolutionize The Car Industry

February 28, 2015


The exotic car scene has always been a turbulent one, especially when you consider how many different manufacturers are in the game. The competition is vast, but it’s not just the car models that make an automaker good.

In fact, making a good car has a lot more factors than just looks and power. One of the factors people tend to overlook when it comes to supercars is safety, and this is just what Toyota is focusing on.

Impossible Shortcuts

Sure, nobody wants to make an unsafe car that can make you feel like you’re flying once you stomp on the gas pedal.

But making a car safe and powerful is not always an easy task, and it gets even more difficult when government-issued restrictions are involved.

This is what was troubling Toyota in recent years, however, it seems like they’ve found a solution to their problem. As chief engineer at Toyota Monte Kaehr points out, blind spots on the side mirrors of the car are almost guaranteed in USA.

Nonetheless, the engineering team at Toyota put their ingenuity and skills to use and devised what we all know as ‘blindspot detection’. This is the first time a carmaker made sure that the driver is always aware if there is a vehicle out of his view.

Musical Side Of Driving

Let’s be honest here – you probably won’t go on a trip if you don’t have a mix of your favorite tunes ready to fill the silence of a long road. With compact disks slowly entering the annals of history, Toyota presented us with more modern options for our driving experience.

Their creation isn’t quite new, as we’ve already met Pandora and Spotify. But even though Toyota didn’t invent anything new in this department (for now), the carmaker still managed to upgrade its in-car entertainment system to a whole new level.

What we have now is something called Entune. It’s a system which basically includes many of the popular apps like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Yelp, Facebook, and even Bing.

Not only can you listen to your favorite tunes while driving, but Toyota’s cars are now what you can call ‘a very mobile entertainment system.’