Top 15 phrases women don’t hear the same way men do

March 17, 2014

The toughest aspect to any relationship between the sexes is communication. Men and women not only hear things differently from time to time, they also interpret the same phrase differently from time to time.

The biggest barrier for communication between men and women is in delivery.

Men speak in straight forward terms more often than not. When a man says something, it can generally be taken at face value. Women on the other hand will often say one thing and mean another, leading to confusion between both sides.

Consider the following 15 common phrases that men and women utter to one another with equal frequency, but with very different meanings at certain times.

1. “Whatever”

Ask any man and he will tell you this phrase has gotten him in trouble more than he cares to remember. The term “whatever” is generally viewed differently by men and women.

To men, it signals the end of a fight or heated discussion in which, at the very least, he’s managed a draw. For women however, it often means “I’m not getting through to you so we need to agree to disagree, for now.”

2. “Fine”

Much like “whatever,” the term “fine” is often muttered by both sexes with little to no enthusiasm.

When a man says “fine,” he generally means that he is doing fine or the proposition just made to him is suitable.

For women however, “fine” usually means “is that the best you’ve got?” or “I suppose that’s acceptable.”


3. “Let’s Cuddle”

Dial it down a notch fellas because this is not an invitation to an afternoon or evening romp in the master bedroom.

While it is an expression of a need for a physical connection, asking to cuddle is a greater signal that someone has had a stressful day and simply needs to nurture the physical bond they share with their partner.


4. “I think that guy is hitting on me”

Guys hear this phrase and think that a display of masculinity is in order.

However, listen a little closer and you’ll hear your partner telling you that you need to pay a little more attention to her, because if you don’t that guy over there is clearly interested and maybe he can take your place.

5. “We should get a pet”

Gentlemen, your interest in having kids has just been gauged and you may not even realize it. In reality, everyone should spend some time in any relationship gauging the possible parental skills of their partner.

When a woman says this it is entirely possible she’s seen her man handle kids with grace at some point, and wants to see how the two of you team up with a pet. Most guys probably just assumed “great, we’re getting a cat…”

6. “Would you like a massage?”

Sorry fellas, but you are all going to be typecast by this one.

When a guy offers to spend any amount of time pampering a woman, especially out of nowhere, she is going to think she’s being propositioned (albeit slyly) for sex.

There are guys who may genuinely want to just give their partner some relaxation and a chance to unwind, but expect that offer to be met with skepticism from the opposite sex.

7. “Give me 5 minutes to get ready”

Even the most sophisticated businesswoman can fall victim to the Bermuda Triangle that is a woman’s closet and bathroom preparation routine.

Women genuinely mean it when they say five minutes, but it will never be that quick. When you hear this line, gentlemen, take a seat and get comfortable.


8. “Which outfit looks better?”

For starters, most women should skip asking this question to a man because they’re never going to hear the answer they want.

Guys will look at what’s been held up and, if any consideration is given, pick the one that is least likely to draw the attention of other men out on a date.

Women, meanwhile, are looking for their guy to tell them which outfit makes them look sexy.

9. “Does this make me look fat?”

This phrase is often uttered at the same time as #8. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should guys ever answer this question with “yes.”

It seems like an innocent inquiry, but what women don’t care about your opinion on their outfit. They want to know if you find them desirable in general.

10. “Nothing”

Men and women both use the term “nothing,” and most commonly following the question “what’s wrong” or “what are you thinking?” For men and women, the meaning behind nothing is very different.

For guys, it often means exactly what you think. Guys aren’t generally as deep in thought as they look, so when he answers “nothing” he really means it.

For women however, “nothing” can really mean “something” and guys should buckle in to try and figure out what is bothering them.

11. “I could use a nap”

To a couple with children, this will be interpreted very differently. Women are likely going to assume their partner is making an end around proposition for an afternoon romp.

However, in this situation most men really mean “I got no sleep last night; want to take a nap together?”


12. “Would you like help with dinner?”

Women are most often going to interpret this as a sincere gesture from their partner.

Whether you are a stay-at-home wife or just the customary cook, it will seem like your partner is looking to spend some time with you and even lighten your burden.

Sorry ladies, most men say this just because they are hungry and believe helping will move the process along.

13. “Shall we head up to bed?”

Here again, women are likely to assume their man has an ulterior motive. Give your man some credit.

Men crave a physical connection and bond just as much as women and there is no reason that this cannot mean they would prefer to fall asleep with you in their arms as opposed to alone.

14. “Sorry”

To most men, saying sorry is a knee-jerk reaction. They’ve done something wrong and their partner is upset, time to apologize.

Most men will run into situations where they aren’t even sure what they’re apologizing for and are saying “sorry” to decrease the tension in the room.

Women, on the other hand, mean it more often than not.


15. “Unintelligible Sobbing…”

Guys rarely burst into tears, so there is little to misinterpret. If a guy is crying, it’s entirely likely someone has died or his favorite team just won the Super Bowl (or lost).

For women, there are two ways to interpret this. If she’s crying and doesn’t want to talk, buckle down because something is wrong and she’s upset.

If however, she’s sobbing and openly seeking to talk she’s crying tears of joy along with that unintelligible sobbing.