The Rock And His Steroids

November 5, 2014


Who says you need steroids to be a hero, a bodybuilder or a badass cop?

In a recent in-depth piece by Fortune, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talked about the challenges he encountered and overcame in his life and what motivates him to work on so many projects with so much passion.

At some point in the interview, reporter Daniel Roberts mentioned steroids, after which The Rock admitted to using steroids when he was younger. But beside the short period in his eighteens, Johnson has led a steroid-free life.

His message about people on the internet forums and the doubt of his physical capabilities was: “Sure, you get a lot of people out there who will suspect, and say s***,” he told Roberts. “They want to negate the hard work you put in.”

“Training is my anchor. Being on a regimented schedule, setting a goal, failing at a goal. It’s the philosophies of being an athlete that carry me today.” Spoken like a true warrior, no doubt.

So the next you’re even considering using steroids, just go watch “Hercules” and see for yourself what true strength and dedication really mean.