The Right Way To Incorporate Carbs In Your Diet

November 16, 2015


Incorporating carbohydrates in your everyday diet can be tricky. Most people know carbs are not to be cut off completely, but are also unaware of the right ways of determining the ideal diet and getting close to that optimal diet plan we all seek.

How to Set up Individual Cutting Diet

In order to do this, you need to calculate your energy needs with the BMR calculator, and determine your unique protein needs.

Once this is done, you need to take care of your protein/carbohydrate intake, as well as the rest of your caloric needs (fats).

Muscle & Strength magazine states that a perfect 2000-calorie cutting diet for someone weighing 150lbs is to be determined in the following manner:

  • Set protein intake at 1g/lb of lean body mass: 150g protein per day
  • If you are moderately insulin sensitive, set your carbohydrate intake at 1.5g/lb of lean body mass: 225g carbohydrate per day
  • 1500 calories from proteins and carbohydrates
  • The fat intake will come from the leftover calories to reach 2000, and your daily loss will reach 500 calories, meaning 9 calories per gram of fat (which is approximately 56g of fat per day)