The Mobile Hoverboard Is Here: Lexus Claims It’s Functional

June 29, 2015


Did we make it into the future? Ever since the popular Back To The Future movie had its debut, we’d been dreaming of the hoverboard. There’s just something about a skateboard without any wheels that makes us all giddy. If what Lexus claims is true, we may be hovering way sooner than we originally thought.

The famed luxury car company recently teased the world with a video of the most authentic hoverboard yet, in which it claims that the board is real and rideable. Whether this is a real thing or an ad scam, we’re not really sure.

Skepticism always has place in matters like this, but just for the fun of it, let’s say Lexus did in fact make a functioning hoverboard.

The company claims that the board is “wrapped in a design that is uniquely Lexus,” featuring the company’s famed spindle grille signature shape.

It’s made of materials that can be found in Lexus’ cars, which includes everything from high tech materials to natural ones, such as bamboo.

According to the manufacturer, the hoverboard uses “superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen,” which causes vapor to come out of the board.

There have been several hoverboards created in the past few years, but they weren’t as mobile and usable as the one portrayed in the movie. Will that change pretty soon, remains to be seen, as the world stays deeply intrigued in Lexus’ newest tech lovechild. If anything, the technology is here and perhaps the slick ride could be improved in the near future for everyday transportation use.