The Many Levels Of Cheating

October 28, 2016


Let’s be clear here – cheating is not cool nor will it ever be. But in case you’ve found yourself in a rather hairy situation, you might want to be clear on how badly you’ve actually cheated.

That’s why today we wanted to give our readers a better insight on different levels of cheating.

Turning The Heat Up

Cheating means different things to different people. However, we’ve decided to unify all adultery deeds under one name, only on several levels.

The first level is the weakest. This happens when you’re in a committed relationship but your eyes can’t help but to wander.

It’s usually harmless, but it makes it easy for a guy to step over the line.

Level two is physical indiscretion. This is debatable, as doing ‘physical things’ with a third party is for some a minor mistake, while for others it’s a deal-breaker. In any case, it’s much more serious than level one.

The third level refers to emotion attachment. You know you’re in trouble when this happens, as it means there’s something so wrong in your original relationship that you needed to latch yourself emotionally onto a third party.

Level four, the final one, consists of actual affairs. If you’re in this situation, you’ve gone supernova – not only is this is the highest level of cheating, but it also means you’re actively and consciously lying to two or more people. Shame on you.