The Latest Archaeological Craze: The Mysterious Swiss Watch From The Ming Dynasty

June 18, 2015


We’ve done the exciting archeology era some time ago, and we thought that we’ve seen and found all. Well, at least most of it. But once in a while, new findings that tingle everyone’s imagination come into the light and leave the world in a dubious state of mind. The newest mysterious artifact that has conspiracy theorists all wound-up is the Swiss watch from the Ming Dynasty.

If you’re not really history nerd, this news might not seem like a big deal to you. However, when you just give it some thought, you will soon realize that it’s completely out-of-place and time.

The miniature watch was found in an ancient tomb that was sealed for over 400 years, and experts can’t explain its origin.

The 2mm thick miniature watch, that is believed to be at least a century old, is also in-scripted with the word “Switzerland” (in English) on its inside. The ring-shaped watch is identical to those worn in Europe in the 1780’s. Are you starting to realize why is this finding such a mystery?

Switzerland as a country wasn’t even in the making at the time when the miniature watch was made (around 900 A.D., according to the analysis), while its official name was not used until 1848. As for the Ming Dynasty, let’s just say they were not accessorizing their outfits with time-telling technology back in 900 A.D., that’s for sure. There was no way that something that complex could be made in that time of history.

The unusual finding was stumbled upon a couple of journalists and archeologists while trying to remove soil around a coffin. A rock broke off, and made a metallic noise, which ended up being this incredible finding.

You know what this means right? Alieeens. All conspiracy theories aside, this is one of the world’s most unusual mysteries and some people won’t rest until it’s solved.