Should You Be A Jerk?

October 6, 2014


As the saying goes, nice guys tend to finish last in life. Especially when it comes to dating. The question is, can you be a nice guy while still being a jerk? Or at least, a little bit of one?

Learn The Difference

Women don’t want to be disrespected. It’s all about playfulness and teasing.

Flaking out on a date, ignoring her, or saying hurtful comments won’t win you any brownie points, but the opposite can also be a little tricky.

Being overly nice, bending over backwards for her or putting her on a pedestal can mean she’s less likely to take you seriously.

It doesn’t take a dozen self-help books and men’s magazines to tell you how important self-esteem is when it comes to relationships and behavior.

When it comes down to the enigma of the sweet girl and the bad boy, the man isn’t the only one plagued by low self-esteem. The union of this couple can be blamed on lack of self-confidence where both parties are concerned.

Balance Is Key

But here is the good news: a girl who constantly falls for jerks is probably not worth having in the first place. Just be yourself, because whoever said that nice guys finish last was never in a relationship with a great girl.

In the long run, the jerks are left with little black books filled with phone numbers of insecure girls, while the sweethearts get the woman worth spending a lifetime with.

It’s all about balance. Women want a man who is confident and who will stand up for himself. Teasing is fine if it’s friendly, and being mysterious doesn’t mean ignoring her.

Don’t divulge every single thing on the first date; spend as much time listening as you do talking. You can be the bad boy she’s looking for — without being a complete jerk.