Say Hello To Doctor Google

October 13, 2014


Is there anything Google doesn’t have its paw prints on these days? The tech giant confirmed to Engadget that they are tackling the tricky business of medical diagnoses by offering a free consultation with a doctor over Web video chat.

Fixing Previous Errors

The trial “talk with a doctor now” feature was spotted by a redditor who was offered a free medical consultation when he searched “knee pain” on his Android smartphone.

The drop down box indicated that Google is covering the cost of the visit “during this limited trial,” but whether it will always be free or not is still unconfirmed.

This feature is similar to Google’s Helpouts feature, which allows users to get help from an expert of their choice over video chat.

This could help address the problem of misdiagnosed illnesses that come when people search for answers using unreliable Dr Google.

Face-To-Face Is Still More Reliable

It used to be that when we had something wrong with us we’d make an appointment with our doctor, but wait times can be long. So, many people have turned to Google searches and websites such as WebMD to find out what’s wrong with them.

According to a November 2013 Pew Research Center study, that number is as high as one in three among US adults. The problem with diagnosing online — and most of us know this and still do it — is that the boatload of information out there can be wrong and lead people to dangerous consequences for their health.

Until this cool Google feature is up and running, your best bet is to go get checked by a doctor face-to-face. It’s not worth the risk.