Real Reasons For Breaking Up

December 18, 2014


When a relationship hits a brick wall, usually the best choice is to end it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break up.

First off, you have to discern real from fake reason for a breakup. The fact that she wears different socks on each foot is not a proper excuse for ending a relationship, but if you notice any of the behaviors we mention here, then go ahead and end you misery.

Not A Perfect Fit

There are certain things girls do that can drive a man crazy, and then there are those that can kill your relationship.

For example, if you’ve been together for over a year, but she still gets the chills when you mention any future plans, you know you’re in trouble.

We’ll never know if opposites really attract when it comes to humans, but if you don’t feel good in her presence or if she’s abusive or crazy-jealous for no reason, you’ve got yourself a real reason for breaking up.

Crazy Eyes

When a girl has crazy eyes, it doesn’t really mean that there is something wrong with her sight. Fact is, there are girls that seem really great most of the time, but at some point they lose their marbles and do unexpected and unpleasant things.

This includes password hacking, twisted ways of testing your loyalty and love, or she suddenly has a new male best friend with whom she spends more time than with you.

If you notice any of these things, you’ll be better off without her. No girl is worth that much trouble.