Periodical Walking Against Diseases

May 8, 2015


You might feel relaxed and comfortable in your sofa, but as most of us know, being sedentary for long periods of time can be more harmful then pleasurable.

Constant sitting can increase our risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, as well as do damage to our spine and back muscles. With the goal of finding out how to prevent that, a new study found that taking a two minute walk in each hour of sitting can actually prevent the harm done by being sedentary.

Simple, Yet Effective

If you’re working at an office desk, you know how good it feels when you stand up after a while and stretch a bit.

However, this is simply not enough to prevent the health hazards of constant sitting.

A team of researchers from the University of Utah Health Sciences have found that light-intensity exercises such as walking, cleaning, and gardening are actually helpful in the cases of sitting for longer periods of time.

Professor Srinivasan Beddhu, the lead author of the study, commented: “It was fascinating to see the results because the current national focus is on moderate or vigorous activity. To see that light activity had an association with lower mortality is intriguing.”

Basically, doing 2 minutes of brisk walking each hour lowers your risk of premature death by 33%. So don’t be scared, but also don’t sit idly – just walk the risks off.