Lizard Found In Salad Package Becomes Class Mascot

January 27, 2016


When life gives you a lizard in a salad package, you best make it your new class mascot!

A New Jersey kindergarten has a new class pet, and it’s not your average store-bought hamster. Sally Mabon, the mother of a little girl that attends the kindergarten, discovered a green anole lizard in a refrigerated bag of tatsoi she bought from a local grocery store.

The lizard was just lying in the package of salad greens, unconscious and grey, in a “cold coma.”

After receiving attention and some warmth and moisture from the family, the lizard made a full recovery. Mabon took the adorable green lizard to Mark Eastburn, a science teacher, who said that he believes the little guy survived due to an increased resistance to cold. The kindergarten class got curious, and they soon decided he should be their mascot.

The anole lizard was named Green Fruit Loop, and he now lives in a comfy, cozy cage in the kindergarten.

Allegedly, the lizard came from an organic farm in Florida, and quickly became a living example of how pesticide-free environments can preserve wildlife.