LG Is Bringing The Future Of Watching TV

August 14, 2014

LG OLED Smart TV+ webOS

While prices of televisions were plummeting last year, LG decided to sell its first OLED display for just under $15,000.

As thin and sexy as OLED televisions are, the average consumer is not going to drop over 10K on a TV. Apparently there was a method to LG’s madness. Fast forward a year and LG is on the brink of releasing its third OLED television — and for 75% less than the previous model.

The 55-inch class LG Curved OLED TV (Model 55EC9300) will be available beginning this month at various retailers nationwide at a suggested price of $3,499. The price is comparable to curved LED TVs currently on the market, but the OLED display provides way more features.

Best Buy will be the first of these stores to sell the EC9300, starting on August 24th.

LG followed that announcement by lowering the price of last year’s 55EA9800 55-inch model to under $3,200.

The picture quality of the EC9300 is vastly superior to many of its competitors due to the contrast ratio of very deep blacks and rich colors.

The 55-inch display is as thin as a few stacked credit cards at its very thinnest point and the frameless curved display not only looks good; it provides an edge-to-edge picture. Unlike the previous curved models that LG has released, the EC9300 can be wall mounted.

With televisions getting smarter each year, there are a bunch of viewing options outside of traditional cable or dish. Unfortunately, flipping between these options of cable/dish, over-the-air networks, streaming services and web TV has been cumbersome.

The new LG Smart TV+ webOS connected TV platform, which was first introduced at CES 2014, looks to remedy that. The interface is designed to offer consumers uber-fast transition between broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices.

The user can control this new feature as well as the rest of the Smart TV’s capabilities with the LG Magic Remote, which works with gestures, point and click, scroll and voice commands.