Let Your Music Shape Your Character

December 1, 2014


You know how when you listen to something you like, it can make you feel happy and calm, while hearing a song you hate can pump you with rage in an instant? In case you’ve wondered why, a research team from Japan has discovered that listening to music we like will make us more kind and mellow.

Divide And Conquer

In the first part of their experiment, the Japanese team had three groups of mixed-gender participants.

First group got to listen to music they liked, the second to the music they hated, and the third group had to sit in awkward silence.

The second part consisted of the participants playing the “dictator game” – they were given real money which they would then give out to others.

Music Makes Us Better

All three groups have played the game both before and after the listening session. The team noticed that the first group gave out much more money than before listening to “their jam,” while the second group got a bit selfish the second time around.

The third group seemed unaffected by the silent treatment. This whole experiment just proves that the music we like can actually make us a better person.