Is CrossFit Worth Your Money?

March 19, 2014

Everyone has heard of CrossFit by now, but if you haven’t for some reason, it’s a form of staying in shape that consists of doing a wide variety of different exercises that you would never think of doing in a short amount of time.

These exercises include sets of things like rolling a tractor tire or jumping on and off a bench combined with boxing and pull-ups, sessions that combine cardio exercise with weight lifting that provides a unique full body workout.

People have literally been transformed from doing CrossFit which is why it has become so popular in recent years and this raises the obvious question: Is CrossFit really worth the money?

With the recent popularity, demand has skyrocketed, making sessions much more expensive on a case by case or monthly basis. Most run anywhere from $100 for a package of classes or a monthly fee at a CrossFit gym and up, which is relatively expensive for most people.

Below are a few yes and no answers to the prior question, with explanations as to why.

YES – CrossFit is worth the money if you use it regularly

With a bill of one hundred dollars and up per month for CrossFit, you will probably want to use it pretty regularly. So to make it worth the money, you will want to use it at least ten times per month, or two to three days per week.

This means it’s about ten bucks a session, which is a fair price to keep yourself healthy and in great shape. If you can’t get to the CrossFit gym that often per week, then it may not be worth it economically.

NO – CrossFit is not worth the money if you aren’t regularly active

If your downtime consists of sitting around and playing video games, watching television or doing more sedentary activities, then you probably shouldn’t start your healthy transformation through CrossFit.

That’s because it’s tough and to really get your money’s worth you will need to go consistently and on a regular basis. Start with a regular gym membership perhaps and work towards being regularly active before you sign up for something as intensive and expensive as CrossFit.

YES – CrossFit is worth your money if staying in fantastic shape is important to you

By going to CrossFit on a regular basis, you are almost guaranteed to stay in excellent shape for as long as you keep going to sessions.

You’ll stay lean and feel better physically and mentally, based on your cut and healthy look.

Consider the cost of CrossFit a norm of looking good and remaining the weight you have always been when you were younger and had a faster metabolism.


NO – CrossFit is not worth the money if you don’t stick with it

If you have the habit of getting really excited about certain things for a short period of time and then never going back to them, then CrossFit is probably not for you.

Of course, you could always sign up for a few classes and see how you like it and see if it becomes one of those rare things you actually stick with in your life.

YES – CrossFit is worth the money for losing weight quickly and healthy

If you need to change your lifestyle drastically and get back into shape quickly, CrossFit is worth every penny.

By signing up to a CrossFit gym or for a package of exercises over the course of a few weeks, you’ll shed pounds and pant or dress sizes in no time in a natural, healthy way. This is ideal for someone who needs a figurative shot in the arm for changing their bad health habits or for someone who needs to look good in lieu of a big life event, like a wedding.