How To Tell If She Likes You

April 6, 2015


You’re on a date. You’ve made your moves and played your cards with confidence and humor. But now you can’t really tell if the girl likes what she sees, if she’s impressed, or if she’s disgusted and wants to run away.

While some of us can clearly see the “go” sign, there are a few guys out there that are never really sure about the signals they’re receiving. And if you don’t want to miss a clean shot again, read on these tips on how to tell if she likes you.

Unyielding Attraction

Have you ever noticed how women tend to stick themselves to the things they like?

For example, when they see a purse or a pair of shoes that would work great with something else they have, chicks can’t take their eyes off of it.

The same thing goes for men – if a girl likes a guy, she won’t be able to stay away from him, especially if she has an opportunity to make contact.

If she’s constantly making eye contact, don’t mistake it for staring. She marked her target and is ready to pounce, so make sure you welcome her with arms open. The more intense form of this attraction is physical contact, and if she really likes you, she’ll do her best to be as close to you as possible.

Intuition Uber Alles

In case you still have some uncertainties after the first date, you better watch out for what happens next. The second date is when things really begin to surface, at which point you’ll come to the “take it or leave it” scenario.

Women usually pay attention to details, and so should you. If you’ve mentioned something trivial like your love of doughnuts or your fear of heights and she mentions it two weeks later, she’s paying attention to the things you say because she likes you, mate.

Lastly, if you still can’t figure out which way to go, just go with your gut. Your instincts will tell you if this girl is a yes or a no, and in both cases, it’s telling you either of these things for a good reason.