How To Cheat Successfully And Get Away With It

March 21, 2014

If cheating is on your mind, then you certainly need to understand how to get away with it, because a man/woman scorned and all, is well, not a pretty picture.

If you’re looking for tips for how to cheat successfully, we’ve got all the bases covered…now it’s your turn.

Become morally empty

That look of guilt will stand out proudly on your face, so don’t let your heart tack on a little extra evidence.

To be successful at cheating, you have to put your significant other on a pedestal and consider others as “something else.” Morals simply stand in the way of enjoying the effort of cheating, so don’t go there.

Identity separation

Think like Batman. He had a separate identity in Gotham, he had a separate place called the Bat Cave to answer those midnight phone calls, and so should you.

Forget who you are while you’re cheating, isn’t that the point? But you should also take precautions to ensure your anonymity is secured to your cheating partner (especially if it’s a one night stand).

Keep your wallet discrete when you’re in the bathroom, keep your auto registration hidden while you snag a pack of smokes or a bottle of wine at the store. Letting that other person know who you are can lead to dire consequences down the line like stalking.

Get a new phone

Unless you’re new to cheating, you know that the first place your significant other looks for signs of cheating is your phone.

Moral of this story – get yourself a separate phone that stays on mute, and hide it well. This means that if you shower, that phone goes with you.

Location, location, location

Your partner will quickly notice if the sheets are rumpled when they get home, and your half-ass effort to recoup the unit will likely seem even more suspect. Get a room already, and make good use of it while you’re there.

Did we mention yet to always use cash? Make the “no tell motel” a part of your reality.

Forget names all around

It’s all cute and cuddly until you forget who you’re with in the throes of passion, and saying the wrong name or even uttering a syllable of that name can be…well…it!

Use baby, honey, sweetheart, or anything but your cheating partner’s real name. Spouses are used to those names, but just one B sound for Barbara and you’re toast.

There’s more than just taking off the clothes involved

Successful cheaters know that they need to have an extra set of clothing on hand at all times. Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that perfume, lipstick, or just plain dishevelment of your clothes won’t give you away.

Be ready to look the part of “just had a long day at work” going for you, and get your mistress to do that laundry for you.

Time management

You can’t be everywhere and you shouldn’t try to be. Manage your time wisely. Use every out of town business trip or long day to your advantage.

Contractors, the self employed, and small businessmen tend to have the greatest success at cheating and getting away with it.

No promises…ever

Never, ever, ever promise to leave your spouse for your cheating partner, unless you really mean it. Yes, that head is great or whatever, but don’t lose your head in the moment of ecstasy.

In three words to be a successful cheater – keep it real.

Ask yourself – should i cheat?

Sure, with a solid game plan, you can cheat and get away with it, but do you REALLY want to?

Know that as you break your commitment to your life partner, you are also breaking a promise within yourself, so be ready to deal with it.