How To Avoid Getting Sick

November 11, 2014


With winter being just around the corner, flu season gets closer and closer. But fear not, there are few conventional and easy ways to avoid the bastardly flu this season, and we are here to show them to you.

Yogurt Instead Of Alcohol

When we get sick, the first thing on most of our minds is hot, sweet tea. But as researches have shown, there is one thing that works better against the flu – and it’s Greek yogurt.

According to a clinical study, not only does Greek yogurt suppress the symptoms of the flu, but is very good at preventing them.

As it seems, certain types of probiotics found in this dairy product have a big potential in keeping you healthy: One yogurt a day keeps the doctor away!

And speaking of drinking, let’s talk about alcohol for a second. Despite it being common sense, we feel obliged to say this – don’t get hammered. According to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, heavy drinking can actually increase your sensitivity to viruses.

Ginger And Chewing Gum

A group of researchers from Taiwan has established that ingesting fresh ginger can reduce your chances of catching respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Say “thank you” to ginger by including it into your cooking for a while, maybe just for its taste, or maybe to make sure you stay healthy this season.

And how can chewing gum help? Well, some research found that a sweetener known as xylitol – which is commonly found in bubble gum – can actually help prevent streptococcus. Besides being sweet and stretchy, chewing gum also reduces the risk of sinus and ear infections. Need we say more?