Her Jealousy Issues And How To Handle Them

July 23, 2014

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. It involves negative thoughts and damaging feelings of insecurity, anxiety, fear, resentment. It occurs when a person anticipates a loss of something of great personal value.

In the case of your current relationship, you are the thing of great personal value. She doesn’t want to lose you, but shows it to you in all the wrong ways.

While it’s nice to feel wanted and vital in a relationship, it’s awful to feel as though the woman you love doesn’t trust you, no matter how honest you’ve been in your time together.

Is her jealousy taking a toll on your relationship? Your girlfriend’s jealousy makes it impossible to talk about other women in any context.

Whether it’s a female coworker, a co-ed softball teammate or the same barista who knows exactly how you take your coffee, utter the name of another woman and she immediately develops an attitude.

Imagine this relationship does go to the next level. Now imagine the next 50 years of life without mentioning anything involving another woman.

What were to happen if a promotion at the office meant working with an attractive female boss? Suppose the house next door is sold to an older, single woman? Even though these women have zero interest in you sexually, daily interaction will be a normal part of life. Men flirt, even when they don’t really mean to. It’s a natural reaction to being around a woman.


In some instances, men are just being nice. It’s got nothing to do with physical attraction.

There are just some cases, and kill us for it, we’re nice to the opposite sex for no reason. Your jealous girlfriend views every nice gesture as flirting.

Just as you can’t mention another woman around her for the rest of your life, you can’t be nice to another woman, either.

Every woman you encounter together – from the friendly waitress to the helpful desk clerk – you’ll have to treat with very little kindness or be accused of trying to get into their pants.