Goat Tape: The World’s Stickiest Tape For $5

March 25, 2014


One of the repeat problems athletes, bodybuilders and those that just work out regularly will experience at some point are tears in the skin on their hands and fingers.

This is due to grabbing and lifting weights, among other actions.

Even though it can look small and harmless, this minor injury can be incredibly bothersome and painful, often sidelining you from your usual routine.

However, there is one good, inexpensive solution known as Goat Tape, a tape that is incredibly sticky and only costs five bucks per roll, which is quite cheap in today’s fitness marketplace. Below are the details of Goat Tape as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

About goat tape

It claims to be the stickiest product on the market, even though it’s tough to grade such things. But it is quite sticky, as it has a unique Malaysian grade adhesive on its surface, which is specifically formulated to withstand moisture from sweaty environments, like the tropics or a sweaty workout.

It is, as mentioned, only five dollars a roll, and a roll should last most people a week or two. So if you do decide to use Goat Tape, it won’t be much of an addition to your health and fitness budget per month, as you’ll most likely only go through three to four rolls in total.

The advantages

It’s incredibly sticky, which means it will not only stay on your hands until you actually decide to take it off, but it will aid in the workouts or activities you are engaging in. This is also a testament to its durability, as goat tape won’t crack or break during the most vigorous workouts, as long as it has been applied correctly.

Those who use it usually never have to replace it or worry about it coming off their hands once it has been applied.

This also doesn’t vary from exercise to exercise or person to person. Whether it’s pulls ups, dead lifts, curls with individual weights, rope climbing or swinging on rings, Goat Tape will almost always hold solid.

People who use it also say it reduces their hand and finger tears to almost nothing.

Its thickness makes it more durable and harder to break as well, which means you won’t have to use as much of it, saving yourself money in extra rolls per month.

A whole host of CrossFit experts and bodybuilders also endorse the product, which speaks volumes about its effectiveness. It’s also easy to apply, as opposed to other tapes that are out there, and rip from the sides, so you don’t have to carry scissors or a knife with you when you are going to workout.

The Disadvantages

As with every product, however, there are a few downsides. Goat Tape’s biggest asset is its stickiness, but this can also be a negative as it can actually hurt more than help if not used carefully. In truth, Goat Tape is so sticky that it can sometimes rip people’s skin if it is ripped off.

So when removing the product, it’s important to slowly pull it off, centimeter by centimeter, so that your skin isn’t hurt by it’s removal. With this level of stickiness, it will also take off any hair that it comes in contact with, so if you accidentally let the sticky side come in contact with your leg or chest, you’ll have a bald patch there for a short amount of time.

Also, when applying the tape, your skin must be totally dry. If it’s not, the Goat Tape won’t bond properly and will fall off, seeming ineffective. This is something a first or second time user may experience and it may be frustrating, so try and keep that from happening by making sure your hands have no moisture on them. Beyond that, there is little downside to this tape, if you are always working out!