Girls Care About These Things Less Than You Think

October 6, 2016


Having the jitters before approaching a girl or going on a date with her is normal. You’re worried about whether she will like you, laugh at your jokes, and be willing to go on another date ever again.

There are also things men believe girls really care about, while the actual truth is quite different. Perhaps once you realize this you’ll gain some confidence and more relaxed and chill while doing your best dating moves.

Brands, Brands, Brands…

Even though we do live in a material society, most girls – well, at least half of them – don’t pay that much attention to what brand you’re wearing or what kind of car you’re driving.

We agree that it’s always nice to look stylish and to drive a nice car, but if she likes you, she’ll want to go out with you and not your possessions.

When someone says size doesn’t matter, we can’t either agree or disagree. In some cases this is true, but not when it comes to your height and salary.

Chicks don’t really care if you’re shorter than them, and as long as you can make them laugh, the number on your paycheck will only matter when it’s time to pay the bills.

Finally, we get to the deal-breaking myth. People actually believe that a man’s taste in music is important for a relationship. Stop right there, because this simply isn’t true. Opposites actually do attract, and it’s ultimately your personality your girl should care about the most. If this isn’t the case, we suggest you keep looking for the one who does.