Forgotten Places For Picking Up Women

August 4, 2014

In the oh-so-biological quest to spread our genetic material as far and wide as humanly possible, men are always looking for new places to score. Bars, clubs, and parties might work now and then, but you deserve better. We came up with some of the lesser-frequented courting arenas so that you can finally stack the odds in your favor.

On A Flight? Really?


Yes, really. Scoring a date on an airplane is anything but a guarantee – but when luck is with you, and you’re planted next to a cute girl you’d like to get to know better, your seat is worth more than a first class ticket to China. You’ve got anywhere from one to 20 hours to win her over, and she can’t run.

Break the ice by asking for her thoughts on the peanuts, or by offering her a tasty baked good from home that can replace her airplane-quality gruel.

As long as the store serves both sexes, the dressing rooms are the perfect place to meet a lovely lady.

Not that we’re suggesting that you lurk around the changing rooms like Gollum searching for his “precious.”

Your job is to step out of the dressing room in something you know accentuates your best features, and ask her for her opinion on this particular item of clothing. If she doesn’t seem to be in a rush, see if she’ll help you pick out some other shirts, which will not only give you time to flirt, but will secure your first date outfit.

Hooters Vs. Gay Bars


At first, a place already saturated with desperate dudes hitting on utterly overwhelmed women may sound like a single guy’s nightmare. But think again.

The intense competition is precisely why it’s the perfect place for a well-mannered guy with a thimbleful of tact to swoop in and rescue a damsel in distress.

The opposite of a Hooters, a gay bar is one place in which you’ll have little to no straight male competition, which means you can easily move in on the handful of ladies there for a flirt-free night – who have since realized how boring and unsatisfying it is to not get hit on while languishing in a sea full of impeccably groomed men.

You might even catch her a bit off of her game as she ponders the reality that she’s far from the best-dressed person in attendance.